We're Orff!
Orff Schulwerk based units for children aged 5-10

A prestigious and exclusive music program
that will attract parents and children to your school or music school.

This program is fully compliant with Australian education standards.
The We're Orff course can only be taught
by trained and accredited schools and music teachers.
All training and accreditation is provided as part of the We're Orff package.

Read about how We're Orff! delivers an easy to teach and fun Orff Method based course.

Do you need need a prestigious and exclusive music program that will attract parents and children to your school or music school?

Many schools try to offer courses using "Orff" instruments. But We're Orff is a genuine Orff Schulwerk music course written and supported by qualified Orff practitioners and fully compliant to Australian education standards.

We're Orff' aims to 'demystify' the Orff Approach to music education and make it fun and accessible to all teachers. Each unit steps teacher and students effortlessly through the Orff technique, to teach musical skills and create a fun performance.

We're Orff will remain exclusive and of highest standard because all schools and teachers delivering the course must be accredited through training by Bushfire Press. Ongoing training is provided to schools and teachers as part of the We're Orff package.

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Orff Schulwerk

Orff Schulwerk is a music education system, usually for children, devised by composer Carl Orff (1895-1982) in collaboration with Gunild Keetman.

Orff believed that each child should have her musicality developed using the specific elemental activities of music and movement.

The Orff teaching "method" uses singing, body percussion, playing tuned and untuned instruments, movement, dance and speech activities to encourage active music making.

Creating music and music education activities that are appealing to the young, and the very young, can be a challenging undertaking. Tamara O'Brien and Mark Carthew have found an answer to this challenge and created a well-rounded course, which provides a healthy offering of songs, ideas and activities.

Speech, rhyming, singing, dance movement, percussion, visual clues and all the advantages of modern technology make this an accessible publication full of good ideas. In a playful and child-centred approach, Tamara and Mark lead us to a world of musical imagination. The teaching-learning processes which are offered here follow the Orff way to music education. Children are involved through imitation, exploration and creation.

For those who have never worked with the Orff approach, the publication provides encouraging starting points. And for those who know about the Orff way to music education, there are plenty of ideas, and pedagogical signposts.

We're Orff takes children and educators into a world full of fun, imagination, moving about and sounding out - and all of it with a sense of ease.

Christoph Maubach