We're Orff!
Music Program

We're Orff Music Program

We're Orff is available outside Australia as a fully supported music program that can be delivered by accredited schools and teachers. Read about how We're Orff! works, about the units, activities and techniques here.

Resource Materials

  • App for tablet and PC
  • Book including CD and DVD
  • Training and accreditation program
  • Email access to mentors and educators
  • Orff Instrument
All units have comprehensive lesson plans, music and a demonstration video of the lesson actually being taught to a group of children.

View a demonstration lesson here.

This material is available either as a fully integrated (includes music and video) webapp on tablet or PC - or in book form with accompanying CDs and DVDs.

Although the songs are taught and sung in English, there is a Simplified Mandarin version of the book and webapp available which also includes translated lesson plans and also translations of the songs to allow teachers delivering the course in Mandarin to communicate the meaning to their students.
We're Orff classes must be taught with appropriate instruments available to each participant in the class. School will be provided with a clear inventory list which must be fully resourced for a school to receive accreditation.

BFP Asia can arrange supply the materials required.

Training and Accreditation

As techniques used to deliver these lessons need to comply with our high standards as an "Orff Method" course and as a course complying to Australian curriculum standards, all schools offering this course must be accredited.

To maintain accreditation, a school must nominate a teacher who will be trained and accredited to deliver the course. Accreditation will be subject to annual review.
With further training and assessment, teachers can be accredited to train other teachers.

All training programs are delivered under the supervision of Bushfire Press, the publishers of We're Orff.

  • View a full demonstration lesson