How does
We're Orff! work?

The Units
There are three levels and each level has 5 different units. The first level, We're Orff, is suitable for ages 4 to 7. Each unit is it's own entity and develops in its own way, in a step-by-step progression; however all follow the same Orff-Shulwerk Principles.

Each unit will take several weeks to work through. Progress is at a pace that the class is comfortable with.

The activities
Each unit will work through a standard set of activities, in an order appropriate to its text.

The activities will vary but will be drawn from the following:
    Movement, Body percussion, Speech, Singing, lnstruments
Instrument work will utilise both untuned and tuned percussion and involve Rhythm, Melody, Ostinato, Bordun and/or Canon.

Each unit concludes with suggestions for drawing on the exploration and creative work done by the students to create a performance (Putting if Together).

We're Orff Music Program

We're Orff is available outside Australia as a fully supported music program that can be delivered by accredited schools and teachers. Learn more about the program, the resource materials and the training and accreditation here.

The Techniques
Within each of the activities, the following techniques are used:
    Imitation, Exploration, Improvisation/Creating

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