Children's Music Programs

Orff Music Australia brings you tried an tested music programs from
Bushfire Press Australia.
You have the choice of an exciting and engaging 7 year-level general music course that you can offer in your primary school or music school, and an exclusive specialist Orff Method course that will be sought after by parents wanting to give their children a flying start in music education.

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Do you need need a prestigious and exclusive music program that will attract parents and children to your school or music school?

Many schools try to offer courses using "Orff" instruments. But We're Orff is a genuine Orff Schulwerk music course written and supported by qualified Orff practitioners and fully compliant to Australian education standards.

We're Orff' aims to 'demystify' the Orff Approach to music education and make it fun and accessible to all teachers. Each unit steps teacher and students effortlessly through the Orff technique, to teach musical skills and create a fun performance.

We're Orff will remain exclusive and of highest standard because all schools and teachers delivering the course must be accredited through training by Bushfire Press. Ongoing training is provided to schools and teachers as part of the We're Orff package.

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Music Room from Bushfire Press

Australia's most successful Music Program is now available for use in schools in Asia.

Winner of The Best Primary Teaching Resource at the Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2012 (Music Room 7)

  • Concept development (beat, pitch, tempo, dynamics)
  • Arts practice - Responding to the Arts
  • Music around us (Music in time, Music for Dance, Music for Special Occasions, Music that Tells a Story)
  • and even concert performance pieces.

  • There are seven year levels - enough fur a full K-6 primary school course.
    Each level is set out in actual lesson plans. 4 terms with 8 lessons per term and an end-of-year performance piece based on the year's work.

    Fully compliant with Australian Education Standards. You need nothing else to deliver a full rigorous but fun music education program.
    This course can even be delivered by non-specialist teachers.

    Full training is available

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    Distribution and Training Partners required.

    Can you see the great opportunities available delivering world class and exclusive educational courses and training into your country?

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